Baseline Issue December 2009


2010 Trends : Piecing Together A Strategy
Despite tighter budgets, organizations are planning to deploy the technologies that are most likely to drive their business in 2010. Read what almost 1,200 technology and business managers told Ziff Davis Enterprise Research would be the most significant technology trends in their companies next year.


Making the Most of Technology
Manufacturers are improving performance with technologies such as business intelligence/business analytics, life cycle management and radio frequency identification.


A Day in the Life of the U.S. CTO
The nation?s first CTO, Aneesh Chopra, gave Baseline a glimpse into his plans to use technology to improve government. They include overhauling the way digital health records are stored, enhancing public access to government information and helping to bridge the digital divide.


Business Gets Social
Social media has created a customer-interaction paradigm shift in how organizations communicate across their value chain. That is compelling many enterprises to develop a well-thought-out social media strategy and presence that?s consistent with their strategic objectives, culture and values.


The Evolution of Organizational Process
A new perspective on business processes is based on business-technology capabilities, the need for real-time metrics and the adoption of a customer-focused, interorganizational orientation.


2,500 CIOs Speak Out
A new report delves into the responsibilities, goals, priorities and visions of CIOs around the world.

Four Ways to Manage the Risks of Social Media
Social media can expose an enterprise to loss of confidential information and legal liability. Here?s how to protect your firm.

Talking Technology
Dr. Mark Dean, vice president of worldwide technical strategy for IBM Research, shares his view of the future of enterprise technology.

A New Role for the CIO
CIOs can use complexity reduction to reduce costs and create an organization that can better leverage technology.

5 Tips to a Healthy Work Environment
To create an emotionally healthy workplace, you need to eliminate gossip and teach employees to communicate honestly.


Online Overhaul
Underwriters Laboratories wanted a more unified global online presence that better reflected its brand and growing business offerings, so it completely revamped its Website.


Make E-Mail Encryption Effortless
As more companies and government agencies come under fire for leaking customer identities or confidential information, e-mail encryption is becoming increasingly vital for doing business.


Stories cover video spokesperson technology, an online bartering community and the real birth of the Internet.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
Planning for a Better Year
Managers are planning their 2010 IT budgets with an eye on what will drive the business.