Would 'Breaking Bad' Characters Work Well in IT?

By Dennis McCafferty
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    1-Walter White

    Walter White

    Walter has top-shelf admin credentials, but he also hides a troublesome stealth online identity.

This week, we said goodbye to Breaking Bad, as the TV show's long-anticipated finale aired. It seems unconventional to build an entire TV series around a “hero” who’s diagnosed with lung cancer and ends up manufacturing and selling methamphetamine to take care of his family before he dies. But Breaking Bad has never been known for being conventional. Devoted fans—and critics—have paved the way for a slew of Emmy awards, as well as a Guinness World Record for the most praised TV series of all time (with a Metacritic.com score of 99/100). Lead actor Bryan Cranston, who plays the cancer victim and meth maker Walter White, has won three consecutive Best Actor Emmys. (It's hard to believe he was previously the dad in Malcolm in the Middle.) Given the hoopla over the show's finale, the folks at Bomgar, an enterprise remote-tech support company, have come up with the following “If Breaking Bad characters worked in IT …” list. It’s safe to say that you wouldn’t want all of these people as your co-workers, but many of them would bring some admirable skills and traits to your team.

This article was originally published on 2013-10-03
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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