Which Tech Brands Are the Most Innovative?

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Apple (98% innovation rating)

    Apple (98% innovation rating)

    The company recently made big news with an enterprise partnership, bringing IBM's big data and analytics capabilities to the iPhone and iPad.

A number of companies on this list of innovative technology leaders have blazed new paths in the use of computing hardware. Another vendor started out as a search engine, but has morphed into a mobile and cloud giant—all while promoting its famous "Don't Be Evil" motto. And two other companies have been nominated for Emmy Awards this year. Combined, these firms represent the 13 most dominant technology companies when it comes to innovation, according to a recent survey from Brand Keys. You may be surprised to learn that Google, the "Don't Be Evil" tech titan, makes the top three, but is not No. 1. Less surprising is the fact that innovation in the technology industry covers a vast range of content, business enterprise, cloud and mobile solutions, among other areas. And one well-known brand on the list is spending billions in attempts to recreate the human brain on a computer. An estimated 4,500 consumers took part in the research. The percentages accompanying each company reflect the overall innovation rating each brand received.

This article was originally published on 2014-08-07
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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