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  • A Year in the Life … of Microsoft
    With its status as the world's largest software maker, Microsoft has achieved a state of near-ubiquity. And if you need to be convinced of that claim, then think of all of the Microsoft products and platforms that have now emerged as part of the...
  • Big Names Head the List of Top Tech Employers
    Call them the darling dozen—the 12 tech companies that tech professionals consider the ideal employers. Many of these names will be no surprise to anyone involved in the industry, but a few might not immediately leap to mind. Money and...
  • Why We Should Encourage More Women to Work in IT
    A significantly larger number of women tech professionals than men believe that their gender is underrepresented in the IT industry, according to a recent survey from Harvey Nash, an IT recruiting, outsourcing/offshoring and executive search firm,...
  • Organizations Struggle to Curtail Phishing Attacks
    Phishing attacks have escalated sharply in recent years. What was once a nuisance has become a mainstream—and increasingly dangerous—problem. In addition to an increase in the frequency of attacks, phishing methods have become far more...
  • 10 Fall Books to Enhance Professional Development
    Are you aware that there's a form of open source that has nothing to do with software coding? Do you know why many organizations fail in attempting to build engagement? Are you curious about the bad habits that companies need to break? If these...
  • Make a Good Impression: Avoid Résumé Blunders
    Even though the employment market is currently good for job seekers, you can't afford to get complacent with your résumé. A significant number of managers initially spend less than one minute looking at a résumé,...
  • What Motivates—and Frustrates—Developers?
    The prime motivators for developers, according to a recent survey from CAST, are pride in their craft and the ability to build something innovative, as well as compensation and career opportunities. Yet, the study, "2017 State of the Modern...
  • Job Satisfaction Grows, but Work Issues Persist
    A majority of workers are satisfied with their job, according to a recent survey from the Conference Board. The accompanying "Job Satisfaction: 2017 Edition" reports that even though the majority is just over the 50 percent mark, it's still...

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