How Ineffective Content Practices Hurt Business

By Dennis McCafferty
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    How Ineffective Content Practices Hurt Business

    How Ineffective Content Practices Hurt Business

    Many companies want to expand their content management capabilities, but IT teams are encountering obstacles that keep these efforts from getting off the ground.

Poor content management practices are triggering a number of work process problems, including delays in retrieving content and duplicated tasks, according to a recent survey from the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM). The resulting "Information Management: State of the Industry 2016" report reveals that many survey respondents described their current email, file-sharing and electronic records systems as "chaotic." To address this, a significant number of organizations are seeking to expand their enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities. However, IT teams are encountering a variety of obstacles that keep these efforts from getting off the ground, forcing businesses to depend on relatively outdated file-sharing systems for content needs. "Many [organizations] are facing user adoption issues and file-shares that simply won't go away," according to the report. "Others are struggling to extend the defined governance of established on-premise systems with the more open and user-friendly approach of cloud file-share and sync services. … It is a struggle for many to create and enforce information governance policies, and there is near universal agreement that email is still the big untagged, ungoverned, high-risk content type." More than 260 members of the AIIM community took part in the research. AIIM is a global non-profit organization that provides independent research, education and certification programs to information professionals. (Note to readers: The link above leads to an executive summary. The complete report is available through an AIIM professional membership, which costs $169.)

This article was originally published on 2016-05-09
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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