How Business Apps Drive the Digital Workplace

By Dennis McCafferty
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    How Business Apps Drive the Digital Workplace

    How Business Apps Drive the Digital Workplace

    With a unique ability to improve productivity, efficiency and decision-making, business apps perform a critical role for future growth among companies.

Business apps have emerged as essential in the digital workplace, according to a recent survey from VMware. The resulting report, "The Impact of the Digital Workforce: The New Equilibrium of the Digitally Transformed Enterprise," indicates that these apps are significantly increasing productivity and efficiency among employees. They also serve as a great recruitment tool, as they foster an environment of optimal collaboration and decision-making that leads to inspired innovation. CIOs and other top IT managers, however, must do a better job of making the latest apps available in a "one-stop shop" manner, findings reveal. "(The) digital transformation -- particularly through highly accessible employee-centric applications and productivity suites -- is forcing management to adjust to a new equilibrium within the enterprise," according to the report. "This rebalancing gives frontline employees the tools and the freedom they need to innovate and execute. It requires investment in an underlying digital platform and mindset that enables management to move from a 'command and control' way of working to a 'trust, encourage and support' one. This type of culture will ultimately become a decisive competitive differentiator in the market." Nearly 2,160 global CIOs and employees who use business apps took part in the research, which was conducted by Forbes Insights. For more about the survey, click here

This article was originally published on 2018-01-02
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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