Best Practices for Managing Enterprise Apps

Buying enterprise applications used to be a simple matter, but these days, it’s anything but simple. A variety of critical decisions have to be made. Should you buy an on-premise app or a cloud-based one? If an app is going to reside in the cloud, should it be in a public, private or hybrid one?

Should you make the apps available on employees’ mobile devices? If so, what types of devices will you support: iOS, Android, BlackBerry or one with a different OS? Who will be responsible for the maintenance, updates and security of those apps?

Another key question: Who should be involved in selecting these applications? Should it be handled separately by IT and line-of-business professionals, with each side managing their own apps? Or should it be a joint effort between the two? If working together isn’t working out, how can the IT organization deal effectively with shadow IT challenges?  

Is all this complicated? Absolutely! But the editors of eWEEK, Datamation, Baseline, CIO Insight and Enterprise Apps Today want to help you simplify the selection, deployment and maintenance of enterprise applications.

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