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Bridging Systems and Gaining Visibility with the Cloud

A Taft-Hartley labor management trust fund, Unite Here Health (UHH or "The Fund"), is responsible for obtaining health benefits that offer high-quality, affordable health care for its members. The Fund needs to report individually on each of its independent plan units in Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and other regions that its mergers have brought into the organization. Consequently,... Read More >


Cincinnati Bell Invests in Tech to Reinvent Itself

The telecommunications company needed to invest in technology that would support the services side of its business, which had been run on outdated applications. Read More >


Experts Debunk Common Misconceptions About Scrum

With an estimated 90 percent of agile teams using Scrum around the world, this framework for managing complex projects has become, for many enterprises, the de facto standard in agile team organization. It’s not a surprise, then, that according to both Glassdoor and LinkedIn, scrum master is one of the hottest tech jobs in 2017. Yet, even with high adoption rates and broad awareness, there... Read More >


Software Testing Trends and Career Opportunities

Software testing is an increasingly important part of nearly every business because of growing automation in many industries, as well as the need for an online storefront and mobile presence. It's critical to confirm that a software application's functions operate in conformance with their behavioral requirement specifications. To assess the state of the testing industry and its evolution,... Read More >


University Adopts a Unifying Vision and Platform

When Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health brought together 30,000 employees, they deployed an HR strategy that consolidated everyone in one system. Read More >


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