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Under its Innovation Collaborative, Hilton partnered with five global tech leaders to help the company manage its growth and focus on core competencies.


Throughout 2010, Hilton Worldwide announced partnerships with Accenture, AT&T, IBM, Microsoft and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). We understand that successfully implementing and integrating our partners’ core competencies into our infrastructure will take significant and sustained effort. But we also know that significant opportunities lie ahead. The Innovation Collaborative is a long-term endeavor that will enable us to continue our rapid domestic and international growth.

Each collaborative partner possesses unique skills that allow Hilton and its portfolio of brands to retain a competitive position.

•    Accenture provides application development and support services for our property management systems and multibrand, transactional Websites.  It also supports us with a global service desk.

•    AT&T provides a fully managed suite of WiFi and Internet services for Hilton Worldwide. It manages and operates our StayConnected program, which enables guests to access high-speed Internet services in their hotel rooms, as well as in meeting spaces and public areas.

•    IBM hosts and manages the technology platforms that support our 10 brands, including data center management and monitoring, global email services, Web hosting and the central guest reservation system.

•    We deployed Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, Office Communications Server and Windows 7. We also leverage Microsoft’s SQL Server and Visual Studio to power our proprietary OnQ property management product suite.

 •    TCS spearheads the transformation and management of a core group of application platforms that deliver enhanced product offerings. TCS also oversees our corporate suite of applications, including property information management, learning management, quality assurance, business intelligence, financial systems and intranet applications.


Since pioneering the Innovation Collaborative, we have achieved significant benefits in three key areas: improved project productivity, enhanced data center efficiency and greater high-speed Internet access. Specifically, we have improved project productivity by 33 percent by balancing internal and external resources to deliver results more efficiently. This allows us to accelerate innovation and be first to market with ground-breaking new technologies.

In the area of data center efficiency, we have transitioned our technology infrastructure to a world-class facility. The new LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold-certified data center exemplifies our commitment to sustainability, boasting energy-efficient and redundant power and cooling, while lowering the total cost of ownership for technology services. We are using a cloud computing environment and first-class monitoring tools at the data center to enable greater technology flexibility, maintainability and scalability and to improve overall system security.

As for high-speed Internet access, we have maintained best-in-class Internet performance, reliability and consistency, while our cost per room is 60 percent of the industry average.

This article was originally published on 2011-10-03
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