Public Cloud Migrations Cause IT Headaches

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Burden to Bear

    Burden to Bear

    70% of IT executives surveyed said the workload of managing public clouds is difficult, and 30% of those execs described it as "extremely difficult."

In an ideal world, the migration of technology resources to the public cloud should make life much easier for the IT department. In the cloud, tech employees are supposed to oversee infrastructure—and users gain access to apps—in a streamlined, automated environment that encourages self-service. Unfortunately, it's hardly an ideal world when it comes to cloud deployment, and the majority of IT departments are struggling with the transition, according to a recent survey from 2nd Watch. As a result, most companies are either hiring outside service firms to help transition to public cloud workloads, or are evaluating these providers. "Many organizations encounter operational challenges after migrating applications to the cloud with their existing tools and service providers," says Joel Rosenberger, executive vice president of managed services at 2nd Watch. "There's a perception that managing IT workloads in the cloud is a snap, but clearly that's not the case. … Companies are now looking externally for help with integrating processes and tools to manage workloads in the cloud to ensure operational excellence." More than 500 IT directors and executives took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2014-11-25
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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