Enterprises Vote for Private File-Sharing Clouds

By Tony Kontzer
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    Opting for Private Clouds

    Opting for Private Clouds

    63% of respondents said they prefer private or virtual private enterprise file-sharing clouds over public software-as-a-service alternatives.

Many enterprises have dabbled with public cloud file-sharing services—either by design or due to rogue adoption—and the verdict is in: These services are not up to snuff. Between the perceived security gaps and lack of enterprise-grade functionality of these public cloud services, a growing number of organizations have determined that a private or virtual private file-sharing cloud is the way to go, according to a recent survey from CTERA, a provider of cloud storage enablement solutions. The findings, based on a poll of 200 IT professionals conducted by research firm Research Now, show large numbers of enterprises have either adopted or are considering adopting a private cloud file-sharing environment, and many have gone so far as to ban public cloud alternatives, which they've determined introduce too much risk. "Enterprises are seeking ways to capitalize on the benefits that cloud storage can provide, but not at the cost of losing control of their data," says Rani Osnat, vice president of strategic marketing and customer experience at CTERA. "The market is flooded with SaaS offerings, but solutions that can scale on private and hybrid clouds are in short supply."

This article was originally published on 2014-06-09
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