Cloud-Based Apps Boost Productivity and Efficiency

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cloud-based apps

Rosetta Stone uses cloud-based tools, including identity management, to help employees be productive and the IT team become a strategic partner to the business.

Migrating to the cloud did eliminate many of our IT frustrations, improving reliability and uptime so we could spend less time managing systems and more time supporting users. But because we had specific applications to fill a variety of needs, that also meant we needed to manage authentication to secure our company data in the cloud—and it had to be done in a way that was easy for our users. Password reset tickets seem like a small thing, but when your No. 1 IT call driver is managing employee passwords, your time is not being spent as wisely as it could be.

Implementing the identity management layer across our systems enabled us to connect all of our people with their applications and devices through one unified login. That helps users be productive quickly and lets us focus on other pieces of IT. Immediately, password resets dropped to our No. 5 call driver—and we’re now able to use the freed-up time to help our users in other ways.

Building Trust as a Business Partner

Building a productive IT department and infrastructure doesn’t require simply making processes more efficient. It involves creating a structure in which technology and the people behind it are trusted, strategic business partners.

As we shifted our infrastructure to the cloud, we found products and systems already created to fill specific needs. Because these products were from independent vendors, we no longer had to focus on developing and managing complex internal systems. But what made the system work easily and securely was integrating Okta into the structure to connect these systems. With it, we can readily adopt and use new apps so our employees can be up and running quickly.

The ability to integrate new features easily has had a direct impact on our relationship with our employees and our business more broadly. Our employees ask for the tools they need, and we’re able to quickly add them to our systems with the help of Okta and the app vendor.

As a result, when we say we're rolling out something new, we do it on schedule, which builds trust for IT across the company. It also raises IT’s value, since it leads to increased adoption of—and improved results from—the strategic tools we’re integrating.

So, back to the original question: Am I having fun? It’s been a crazy busy year, but we’re getting a lot done at Rosetta. With identity as the backbone of our IT infrastructure, we’re empowering our employees to be more productive wherever and whenever they need to work, and we're transforming IT into a trusted partner for our business.

So, boss, the answer is: “Yes.”

George Hegedus is senior director of system operations at Rosetta Stone. He has 20-plus years’ experience in operations, business development, M&A technology integration, international help desk operations, technology integration in facilities projects, customer service, CRM, IT marketing and project/program management.

This article was originally published on 2015-01-07
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