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Remote Collaboration: A Year's Lessons

A year of remote work has taught organizations a lot about remote collaboration and productivity. Here are some lessons and best practices. Read More >


Public Cloud Vulnerabilities Abound

Cloud threat defense vendor RedLock created a "cloud security intelligence" team intended to research and identify public cloud threats and advise companies on cloud security best practices. A recent report on the CSI team's initial four months of research findings indicates that public cloud environments are riddled with avoidable threats and vulnerabilities despite providers' efforts to educate... Read More >


Why Cloud, DevOps and SDI Are on the Rise

While it's hardly a "new thing," cloud investment hasn't plateaued either: The majority of organizations plan to boost their investment into the cloud over the next two years, with private and hybrid clouds emerging as top priorities, according to a recent survey from SUSE. The accompanying report, "SDI, Containers and DevOps - Cloud Adoption Trends Driving IT Transformation," reveals that... Read More >


Cincinnati Bell Invests in Tech to Reinvent Itself

The telecommunications company needed to invest in technology that would support the services side of its business, which had been run on outdated applications. Read More >


Integrating Data to Support a Sustainable Future

The Rainforest Alliance deployed software that enabled it to advance data movement throughout its various applications, supply chain systems and data warehouse. Read More >


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