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Choosing a Cloud Native Architecture for Business

Cloud native applications offer agility and resilience that traditional monolithic applications can't offer. Here's what you need to know about the next cloud evolution. Read More >


3 Challenges You'll Face When Migrating Apps to the Cloud

Migrating applications to the cloud can be difficult. Learn about the challenges you’ll face and how to solve them before you begin. Read More >


No Code/Low Code - Is it a Migration Solution?

Are low code and no-code platforms the solution to migrating legacy apps? The short answer is yes—and no. Read More >


Remote Collaboration: A Year's Lessons

A year of remote work has taught organizations a lot about remote collaboration and productivity. Here are some lessons and best practices. Read More >


Public Cloud Vulnerabilities Abound

Cloud threat defense vendor RedLock created a "cloud security intelligence" team intended to research and identify public cloud threats and advise companies on cloud security best practices. A recent report on the CSI team's initial four months of research findings indicates that public cloud environments are riddled with avoidable threats and vulnerabilities despite providers' efforts to educate... Read More >


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