Category: Business Intelligence

Sifting a Riverbed of Data for Insight

Pizza-flavored cheddar cheese—good business opportunity? Yes, as Cabot Creamery determined. Does osteoporosis more often hit wine drinkers or teetotalers? Imbibers, as Kaiser Permanente can tell

SAS Institute: Great for a Reason

The world’s biggest privately held software company, SAS Institute is almost a way of life. That’s true for SAS employees, who get free health care,

Cognos: Pragmatic Player

Cognos isn’t flashy. CEO Ron Zambonini hasn’t bought an airline, like SAS Institute’s Jim Goodnight. Cognos has steadily grown during its 33 years and top

Hyperion: A Company in Transition

Eleven-year-old Hyperion is in flux. The company is restructuring after losing $31 million last year and laying off about 400 employees. It has installed new

Readers Respond to Kmart Woes

Baseline’s coverage of Kmart’s supply chain debacle provoked a welter of letters from readers eager to comment on the discount retailer’s slide into Chapter 11

Share and Share, Unlike

To share or not to share data? That’s the question facing federal agencies (and the integrators that help automate them) in the wake of the

Tracking a Tracking System’s Returns

COSTS Terion’s Fleetview system costs approximately $500 to equip a trailer with sensors, plus $11 per month per trailer for tracking services and hosting the

Demands of Forecasting

Knowing how much product to order is key to Avon. Even so, Avon historically has relied largely on manual processes to collect and evaluate historical

Glaxo’s Cure

With Lotus Notes creator Ray Ozzie as its founder, Groove Networks wins instant enterprise credibility. With Microsoft investing $51 million for a minority stake, its