Ten Best Cities for Finding a Tech Job

Ten Best Cities for Finding a Tech Job

Ten Best Cities for Finding a Tech Job

1. San Francisco  There's much interest in those who can help produce cloud-hosted consumer apps, as well as analysts and database developers. .NET or Java expertise is a major plus.

"Go West, young man!" Or, at least, consider going to the Midwest if you're looking for a wealth of employment opportunities. In the latest annual "Ten Cities to Find a Job" report from Modis, five of the 10 cities are located in the "left half" of the country. Many of these cities boast a great quality of life as well—but only if you consider an abundance of skiing and hiking areas in the Rockies and/or basking in the California sun to be a good thing. As for specific industry segments, finance/banking, health care, media, pharmaceutical and biotech are generating much of the tech growth, along with start-ups. The 10 cities were chosen based on internal data from regional branch networks supporting Modis, taking into account the volume of tech job openings within the last six months. The cities' general overall economic environment was also taken into consideration. Modis is a global provider of IT staffing and recruiting services.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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