Tech Firms' Unconventional Job Interview Questions

By Dennis McCafferty
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When you're getting ready for a job interview, you've probably prepared yourself to field some tough inquiries about network administration, software design, cyber-security, mobile app development or whatever else your tech specialty happens to be. But did you ever think you'd be asked about, say, the formation of the earth? Or swim meets? Or the Muppets? (That's assuming you've ever watched a Muppet TV show or movie.) Believe it or not, technology companies—including some of the biggest names in IT—posed questions about these topics to job candidates. And Glassdoor recently ranked them to compile the following top 10 list of oddball interview questions. These questions seem to indicate that you should be prepared to address pretty much any topic during a job interview. And, in case you draw a blank when asked about unusual and unexpected subjects, you'll need a strategy to come up with an acceptable response. One suggestion from the experts: Instead of trying to provide some sort of answer to the bizarre question, explain how you'd go about trying to find an answer. That will demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Read the unconventional questions—and the companies that asked them—below.

This article was originally published on 2015-04-16
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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