Tech Admins Sound Off on Work Pressure, Long Hours

Tech Admins Sound Off on Work Pressure, Long Hours

Tech Admins Sound Off on Work Pressure, Long Hours

Time Crunch  90% of systems and network admins say there are more responsibilities and demands on their time than in recent years.

Many systems and network administrators are feeling overwhelmed with their day-to-day duties. In recent survey findings from SolarWinds, these two categories of IT worker weighed in on job challenges, engagement factors and even their favorite "geek" movies, videogames and TV shows. On the serious side, the vast majority of them feel more pressure than ever when it comes to routine demands, and they're logging in a lot of hours in the process. Fortunately, they feel generally appreciated for all the work they do, and most have faith in the leadership of their senior executives. "These IT pros are a remarkable and resilient bunch," says Kevin Thompson, SolarWinds president and CEO. "They are the unsung heroes in many companies. In order to retain these valuable employees, it's essential to understand what drives them to perform and give them the support that helps make their jobs easier." A total of 800 IT administrators took part in the research, roughly split evenly between systems and network administrators.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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