Qualified IT Pros Have an Edge in the Job Market

By Dennis McCafferty
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    On the Market

    On the Market

    More than two out of five IT professionals are looking for a new position.

During the recent recession, many technology professionals sought numerous job interviews out of desperation, due to a recent layoff. Today, an improving economy is reversing the situation, and many employed IT workers are landing multiple interviews based on a strong demand for their in-demand skills. Many of these pros are asking for a number of quality-of-life and work-life benefits from their next employer, including competitive compensation, telecommuting options and opportunities to work on exciting projects, according to a recent survey from CultureFit Technology Staffing. Highly qualified candidates are in a good position because many corporate executives admit that they have vacancies they're struggling to fill with qualified prospects. As an added bonus, we're including data from CultureFit about rising median incomes for three particular tech specialties—with software architects coming out on top. More than 300 IT professionals took part in the research. Additional research was compiled and provided by CultureFit based on a previously released Harris poll sponsored by CareerBuilder in which 240 IT hiring companies took part.

This article was originally published on 2014-07-31
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