IT Salaries Will Remain Flat for 2014

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    Broad Perspective

    Broad Perspective

    IT professionals are making an average of $79,289 this year, compared with $78,759 in 2013.

IT professionals have yet to see significant salary increases, even with the economy on the rebound, according to a recently released annual survey report from Janco Associates and eJobDescription.com. There have been raises, but they're relatively flat compared with prior years: less than a 1 percent overall increase for all technology employees, compared with nearly 2 percent a year ago. On the positive side, raises at midsize enterprises are slightly higher, averaging 1 percent. However, compensation at these companies lags behind what large companies are paying, findings reveal. The report also sheds light on benefits trends and, again, the news isn't cheery: Fewer organizations are providing health insurance, 401(k) plans, flexible working schedules or bonuses (whether for individual performance or enterprisewide accomplishments). On the upside, there's decent potential for a reversal of the salary and benefits trends. As reported in Baseline, competition for IT talent is expected to intensify this year, and, hopefully, technology professionals will leverage this situation to get a better deal. The research was compiled from data reported by more than 250 large and 720 midsize enterprises.

This article was originally published on 2014-01-28
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