How the C-Suite & IT Differ on the Tech Talent Gap

By Dennis McCafferty
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    How the C-Suite & IT Differ on the Tech Talent Gap

    How the C-Suite & IT Differ on the Tech Talent Gap

    C-suite execs agree with their tech staff that the state of IT recruitment is challenging, but the execs underestimate the surge in demand for technology skills.

When it comes to how extensively tech recruitment and retention problems are impeding organizational success, perspectives diverge somewhat between C-suite executives and IT professionals, according to a recent survey from Appirio. The accompanying report—"IT Talent Wars and the Gig Economy: Is the C-Suite Ready for the Future of Work?"—reveals that C-suite execs agree with their tech employees that the current state of IT recruitment and retention is challenging. However, these executives underestimate the surge in demand among outside recruiters for these employees' skills. Among other consequences, a lack of available staffing has resulted in frequent project delays—sometimes stretching for months. Ultimately, both C-level execs and tech employees agree that organizations will consider addressing these challenges by transitioning to freelance and contract staffing, thus creating a "gig" economy. "The intense competition for tech talent has placed a major strain on the enterprise, and it's costing companies millions," said Chris Barbin, CEO of Appirio. "Those in the tech and services industries spend too much time talking about the systems they are implementing, and not enough on the talent needed to architect, develop or manage those systems. The way organizations add technical capabilities, such as mobile app development and data science, is changing due to a rise in gig-based employment and the changing demographics of the workforce." A total of 200 C-level execs and 200 IT employees in the United States and the United Kingdom took part in the research, which was conducted in conjunction with Wakefield Research.

This article was originally published on 2015-09-25
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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