How Companies Lose Good Job Candidates

By Dennis McCafferty
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    How Companies Lose Good Job Candidates

    How Companies Lose Good Job Candidates

    Many businesses don't go beyond the basics when creating a positive job application experience, so many strong candidates sour on pursuing careers with them.

The quality of interactions that a job candidate experiences with a prospective employer can ultimately determine whether that individual decides to work for the company in question. And, given the shortage of qualified talent in today's job market, businesses can't afford to miss out on top prospects, Given this, findings from a recent survey from Phenom People reveal that a surprisingly high percentage of businesses fall short in creating a positive job application experience. The resulting "2017: The State of Talent Relationship Marketing" report reveals that the vast majority of candidates don't receive status updates once they apply for a position. Very few companies provide relevant and personalized content and job recommendations for users on the career/jobs site. And most online applications can't be prefilled beyond just the basics: name, telephone number and address. "How a person feels about your company depends on their personal experience," according to the report. "Maybe they spoke with a very helpful customer service representative, and now they shop exclusively on your site. … Or perhaps they applied for a job at your company and never heard anything, leaving them with a negative impression. This is what a talent-hostile experience does—it turns top talent away because they can't find a job that suits them, they can't find content that helps them decide if the company is right for them, or the application process is too time-consuming and cumbersome." The findings are based on research involving more than 800 companies, examining the effectiveness of their career/jobs site; their communications with job candidates; and the overall candidate experience. (Additional findings presented here were taken from research from LinkedIn.)

This article was originally published on 2017-10-27
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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