Career Lessons From Peyton Manning

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Game Smarts Over Paper Smarts

    Game Smarts Over Paper Smarts

    Manning is one of the smartest QBs on the field, but his scouting-combine score on the Wonderlic intelligence test was only 28—below Tom Brady’s 33. Lesson Learned: There are different kinds of intelligence that can bring value to the organization.

When he takes to the field on Super Bowl Sunday, probable Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning will cap off a season that could be considered the best of any football player in history. It’s even more impressive when you consider all the adversity he’s overcome along the way: Manning has never been blessed with the amazing physical skills of some other elite quarterbacks, and a devastating 2011 neck injury nearly ended his career. At that point, Manning faced tremendous self-doubt after his first team, the Indianapolis Colts, subsequently cut him. Now with the Denver Broncos, Manning is playing at a peak performance level at the "advanced age" of 37. So regardless of whether his team wins on Sunday, it’s an opportune time to assess his admirable personal traits and how they provide relevant lessons learned for professionals who want to enhance their performance and careers. From his intuition to his work ethic to his relationships with colleagues and fans, Manning has distinguished himself as an achiever—conveying qualities that would be of value to any professional in a business setting. The following information was compiled from numerous news reports about Manning throughout his career.

This article was originally published on 2014-01-30
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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