Absolutely Awful Resume Blunders

By Dennis McCafferty
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    "I'm Detail Oreinted"

    "Several managers mentioned this résumé blooper!" says Rod Hughes of Kimball Communications. "Please, folks, spell check!"

I confess: I can't get enough bizarre real-life résumés—and it appears that I have plenty of company. Perhaps it's because these too-bad-to-believe résumés make us feel a bit better about the lapses in judgment all of us have occasionally committed when applying for a job. So, to follow up on a recent Baseline slideshow on "How Not to Write a Résumé," we present the following misguided résumé bullet points from CareerBliss.com's Ritika Trikha, along with explanations about what caused the unfortunate thinking behind these blunders. The bullet points were compiled by members of the CareerBliss community, and some of their observations are included below. If you're wondering how to avoid making these kinds of mistakes—as well as less obvious but still glaringly bad choices—here are a few tips. First, keep in mind that the bullet points in your résumé should always convey a professional tone. Second, make sure every statement you include aligns with the roles of the job opening in question. Third, when in doubt about something you want to highlight, run it by a trusted family member or friend to get an outside perspective. CareerBliss.com is an online company review and professional advice site.

This article was originally published on 2013-10-17
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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