10 Books That Enhance Professional Development

By Dennis McCafferty
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    10 Books That Enhance Professional Development

    10 Books That Enhance Professional Development

    Whether you want to learn about teamwork, innovation, productivity or leadership, there's probably a book on our list that can help you improve your skills.

With winter almost behind us, it's a great time to "spring" forward with an intriguing book about business or technology. Whether you prefer to load up your e-reader or read books the old-fashioned way by flipping paper pages instead of digital ones, informative, well-written books can broaden your professional perspectives by revealing deep insights into industry, technology and career-relevant subjects. As usual, we've come up with a collection of nonfiction, technology and business-focused books that cover a wide range of compelling topics. One examines the challenges that defined Facebook, and another provides an unfiltered look at Uber's "wild ride" as a disruptive platform. There are also a couple of new and upcoming books about what could be the key driver for tech organizations worldwide: innovation. And there are other titles that promise to help you boost your team's productivity, masterfully manage the next generation of young employees, better navigate office conflict, and skillfully communicate with peers, managers and stakeholders. So happy reading! (Please check publisher sites for any changes in publishing dates.)

This article was originally published on 2017-02-23
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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