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The Solution to Keeping Women Working in Tech

We are all familiar with the fact that women are underrepresented in STEM fields. That matters because by remaining outside the STEM areas, women are cut off from some of the best bets for a solid and lucrative career. Read More >


Preparing for Our Future: The Human Partnership with Machines

How can we prepare for the changes that emerging technologies like AI and machine learning, augmented/virtual reality, robotics, and cloud computing will bring to our work and daily life by the year 2030? Read More >


How Companies Lose Good Job Candidates

The quality of interactions that a job candidate experiences with a prospective employer can ultimately determine whether that individual decides to work for the company in question. And, given the shortage of qualified talent in today's job market, businesses can't afford to miss out on top prospects, Given this, findings from a recent survey from Phenom People reveal that a surprisingly high... Read More >


Why We Should Encourage More Women to Work in IT

A significantly larger number of women tech professionals than men believe that their gender is underrepresented in the IT industry, according to a recent survey from Harvey Nash, an IT recruiting, outsourcing/offshoring and executive search firm, and ARA, an organization that seeks to attract, retain and advance women in technology. The resulting report, "2017 Women in Technology: Overcoming... Read More >


How to Increase the Value of Your Freelance Career

There's been an influx of tech freelancers, so you must stand out from the crowd in order to earn a competitive salary and attract as many clients as possible. Read More >


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