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Storage and backup applications are among the most critical in any major corporation. Because missing or corrupted backups tend to show up only when someone needs to use them to recover from some data disaster, there's not much room for error. Lost data equals lost revenue and possibly legal liability, if the lost data are relevant to the financial performance of the company.


This is pure backup-and-recovery, rather than storage management, as SyncToy and Cobian can be.

SelfImage creates an image of any disk or partition (even a Linux partition in a Windows machine) and can restore your machine as-was, including system settings and data.

It stores all the partition data and boot records, so if you're recovering a whole hard drive you don't have to re-do all your organizational work; it also backs up partitions that are currently live so you don't have to shift from one OS in a dual-boot system to the other before making your backup.

It does not create bootable floppies or CDs, but a test version is available that works with the BartPE bootable CD-builder or the Ultimate Bootable CD for Windows.

This article was originally published on 2008-08-21
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