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Additional reporting by Berta Ramona Thayer in Panama

As software spreads from computers to the engines of automobiles to robots in factories to X-ray machines in hospitals, defects are no longer a problem to be managed. They have to be pred

’s Cancer Institute Base Case">

Panama’s Cancer Institute Base Case

Organization: National Cancer Institute

Headquarters: Gorgas Hospital, Ancon Hill, Panama Canal Zone, Panama

Mission: To treat and cure patients with cancer.

Director: Juan Pablo Bares, M.D.

Financials: Funded by the Panamanian government.

Challenge: Find resources to treat a patient load that has more than quadrupled since 1997, with 10 to 15 new patients a day.

Baseline Goals:

  • Improve quality-assurance programs, to avoid accidental patient deaths or injuries.
  • Install third linear accelerator, to shorten waiting list for cancer treatments.
  • Eliminate subsidies paid to private hospitals for overflow work, which has cost the government $10 million over the past three years.

This article was originally published on 2004-03-04
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