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Dishwashers, automobiles and other products are increasingly driven by software. But digits don't always do a better job. Where do you turn when your appliance's software goes south?

Online Clips of BMW Quirks

The following clips—all in Windows Media format—are from the www.bimmer.org Web site.

Roll over Beethoven (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/rollover%20beethoven.WMV)
Missing in Action (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/CD%20missing%20in%20action.WMV)
Where am I? (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/no%20map.WMV)
Crazy Trunk (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/745%20trunk.wmv)
Spitn' Key (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/key%20spit.wmv)
Lost Voice & Phone (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/no%20voice%20or%20phone.wmv)
Phone Dead (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/phone%20dead.wmv)
Metric Radio Options (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/metric%20radio%20edit.wmv)
Transmission (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/translip%20maybe.wmv)
Radio & Slip (http://www.h2go.org/745proof/radio%20and%20slip.wmv)

The following images also come from the bimmer.org site.
Dec 0 (second service on car) (http://www.h2go.org/trialhtml/02Dec02%20service.htm)
CD or FM photo (http://www.h2go.org/cd%20or%20fm.jpg) ("shows CD on right instead of FM stations...when turned car off, CD was playing...came back to find radio (FM 106.5) playing")

This article was originally published on 2003-01-16
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