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Dishwashers, automobiles and other products are increasingly driven by software. But digits don't always do a better job. Where do you turn when your appliance's software goes south?

When Improving Software">
What You Should Do When Improving Software
What You Should Do When Improving Software
  • Plan ahead
    Think through your testing process.
    Test code's behavior under both expected and unexpected conditions.
  • Test early
    The earlier the better.
    Appeal to engineers who enjoy breaking things.
  • Test manually; Then, automatically
    Before code settles down, test manually.
    Later, have engineers use automated tests, before turning code in.
  • Don't test all code at once
    Clean up old code as each file gets run.
    Fifty percent to 80% of your files should never have to be touched.
    Source: ABN Amro Services Co.

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    This article was originally published on 2003-01-16
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