Special Report: 5 Innovations Changing Retail

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Technology at the fingertips of retailers and e-commerce companies will transform consumer marketing and shopping, as well as the meaning of customer loyalty.

Holiday shoppers flocking to malls this year in search of the perfect gifts for friends and family likely will not receive instant wireless discounts, advice from peers and strangers through social networks, or pay for their purchases by cell phone. That day is coming, though. Retailers and marketers are already experimenting with ways to expand the use of tried-and-true technology platforms—such as cell phones as a payment form factor-and capitalizing on newer technologies—social networks, virtual worlds and advanced inventory control systems.

In this special report, Baseline examines five innovative trends that will revolutionize the retail industry to give consumers a better shopping experience, improve brand loyalty and create greater incentives for people to part with their greenbacks.

New Strategies Have Shoppers Doing Doubletakes

Plenty Of Widescreens For Everyone

Ringing Up Instant Savings

Accelerating Checkouts

E-commerce's New Dimension

This article was originally published on 2007-11-21
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