Ten iPhone Apps that Will Save You Money

Ten iPhone Apps that Will Save You Money

Ten iPhone Apps that Will Save You Money

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We recently revealed how, the cost of going out to lunch and getting coffee from the coffee shop can add up over the course of your career, as much as $120,000 worth. That's a lot of lattes. But thanks to the folks at Ranker.com, you can save a bundle on groceries, automobile repairs, gasoline, retail stores and other budget items with their "top ten" list of cost-cutting iPhone apps in order to compensate for your Starbucks habit and on-the-go lunches. Your smartphone didn't come cheap," the site proclaims, "so put it to work." And best of all: Many of these apps are free. (Check product links for specifics on various pricing points.) Ranker.com is a site dedicated to declaring superlatives within the worlds of film, TV, music, games, sports, automobiles, books and technology. It claims more than two million monthly unique users. For more about the list, click here.

Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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