Could Net Neutrality Prove Too Costly?

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A report on how FCC regulation of the Internet warns such measures could be a huge drain for the industry, one of the nation's healthiest. Could net neutrality prove too costly to the U.S. economy to implement?

As Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Julius Genachowski prepares to outline the agency's plan for greater authority over broadband service providers, a report from The Advanced Communications Law & Policy Institute at New York Law School and technology research firm Entropy Economics warned new regulations for providers of broadband Internet service could result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs and could also reduce U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by tens of billions of dollars per year.

Charles Davidson, director of Institute, and Bret Swanson, president of Entropy Economics, were the authors of the report, titled "Net Neutrality, Investment & Jobs: Assessing the Potential Impacts of the FCC's Proposed Net Neutrality Rules on the Broadband Ecosystem". The report examines the extent of likely damages to investment, jobs, and U.S. GDP resulting from the implementation of the FCC's proposed net neutrality regulations.


This article was originally published on 2010-06-17
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