Nine Persistent Conspiracy Theories

Nine Persistent Conspiracy Theories

Nine Persistent Conspiracy Theories

Chips Ahoy

Chips in your brain to control you. Chips in your body to track you. Chips in consumer products to monitor your habits.

Reality check: The technology is there for at least some of it, but that doesn’t mean it’s happening to you.

Do techies have a weakness for conspiracy theories? A certain suspicion of authority is a hallmark of tech culture, along with the belief that better answers may be out there for almost any problem. On the other hand, the job demands a logical approach.

The Internet, meanwhile, is a hotbed of both mythology and myth-busting. And for whatever it’s worth, a lot of conspiracy theories today involve information technology. One recent example of web-fueled, tech-tinged fantasy: stories and blog posts claiming that Google Earth showed the location of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Here’s our list of persistent stories, some related to tech and some from the broader culture.

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