Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Tools

Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Tools

Harnessing the Power of Collaborative Tools

By Erik Qualman WileyAugust 2009 A guide to understanding the true power of social tools in society and commerce.
How best to use social media? Businesses are still doping out their Web 2.0 strategies. Should collaborative tools be used for external marketing purposes, such as introducing products and services to mass audiences of potential customers? Or are the best uses internal, such as efficient knowledge management and collaboration vehicles? As your organization ponders its own sweet spot in this world of socially-enabling tools, consider the insights of thought leaders in this still-new business sphere. Business-technology classics like The Cluetrain Manifesto and Wikinomics offer big-picture views of how Internet-enabled technologies have already reshaped our world, while newer offerings like Enterprise 2.0 and The New Social Learning provide hands-on, how-to guides for utilizing these tools to benefit your business in different—and powerful—ways. This list of must-reads can truly help you understanding the power of groupthink and collaboration—not to mention their threats—and the technological tools that can help your business prosper from it.
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