IT Strategies Shift Toward Revenue Growth

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Baseline’s exclusive annual research study of midsize and large organizations reveals the 10 trends that will play a significant role in enterprises in the coming year.

Trend 6: IT Strategies Shift Toward Revenue Growth

BI/‌BA and big data represent just one of many ways that technology investments are increasingly being viewed as business-growth investments—a trend we expect to be a major story in 2012.

“I have many conversations about the shift from cost-cutting to business innovation, which includes a renewed focus on revenue-generation,” says Phil Garland, CIO Advisory Services leader at consultancy PwC. “IT’s role now includes helping the business figure out how cloud, social, mobility and other emerging technologies can advance the business.”

Our study shows the market-making potential of information technology increasing in 2012. While support levels for a contrasting business goal—lowering costs—have remained flat within IT, the user community and finance, the support for using IT to promote revenue growth has grown strongly. Leveraging the cloud, for example, has now gone far beyond its originally perceived benefit of efficiency and cost control. Says Garland: “A forward-thinking CIO today is partnering with business unit leaders, R&D organizations and so forth to help think of ways to leverage the
cloud and create new products and services.” That, in turn, creates revenue opportunities.

The source of this trend may be the personal experiences of business leaders with their own social networks, mobile devices and self-provisioned apps. “There’s definitely a blend of personal applications with the business side,” says Garland. “An example of that would be on the social side with collaboration applications. This accessible technology opens the eyes of business to the possibilities, but to put it into effect, you need IT.” 

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This article was originally published on 2011-12-07
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