Monitoring and Fixing Problems

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Dole Fresh Fruit chose an infrastructure that provides management with worldwide, real-time access to production and sales information on a common platform.

Monitoring and Fixing Problems

Currently, we’re using the APM solution to monitor the health and performance of our 40 Unix and Windows servers, and to monitor key applications. We achieved improvements of 45 percent in query time and 65 percent in server time. We also monitor the performance of applications from the end users’ standpoint, where we’ve lowered incidents by 30 percent. And problem resolution went from days or weeks of effort to hours.

System response-time issues were affecting the productivity at our port facilities and warehouses, and our users had to resort to manual systems. This wreaked havoc with our quality of service and our ability to move products to our customers efficiently.

Now, by using the APM solution, we’re able to fix the problem areas with our applications. We’re also able to pinpoint slow queries and stored procedures, and we modified memory and servers for better performance. As a result, our queries went from minutes down to seconds to process.

We also identified mission-critical applications that were given improper priorities on our bandwidth scale. We had mission-critical applications that were allotted less bandwidth than noncritical ones, so we used the APM solution to review, resolve and reprioritize our applications. This resulted in a significant difference in our bandwidth and application performance.

Through our use of the APM solution, we’ve become more responsive to our internal users. The backlog of issues has decreased from several hundred to only 30, and incidents have been reduced by 30 percent. We can now resolve root-cause issues because we have some visibility into areas that were a mystery prior to installing the software. In addition, we completed a full-scale ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) implementation that has instilled the discipline required to further drive problem resolution.

The new process has improved utilization of our internal IT resources by 20 percent. We do far less incident management and use this time saving to resolve root-cause problems, which makes the systems more stable and transactions more efficient.

This also lets us communicate more effectively with the business about system performance metrics, uptime and network improvements. Once we identify a problem, we can solve it in one day, which would have averaged five or more days in the past.

APM has brought credibility to our IT organization by resolving problems that had plagued Dole for years. Capably dealing with systems outages and performance problems is our most important accomplishment in recent memory.

Trever Scott is the director of information technology, North America, of Dole Fresh Fruit.

This article was originally published on 2011-06-16
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