Books to Help You Move Ahead in IT

Books to Help You Move Ahead in IT

Books to Help You Move Ahead in IT

By Gary Hamel (with Bill Breen) Harvard Business Press September 2007 A management guru’s view of a new era of managing.
The age of the tech-obsessed geek is dead. In case you haven’t looked around lately, ones and zeroes aren’t as cool as they used to be—at least, not for those working in corporate IT organizations. For the better part of a decade, IT workers have been hounded and pounded with criticisms of being too technical, too geeky, and not business-savvy enough to actually satisfy the customers their organizations serve. If your inner geek must die, then you have to bring your inner business strategist to life. Don’t do it, and your career growth could come to an abrupt end. There’s an ample reading supply to give you the business smarts you need. Yes, most of these books are written for CIOs (and even CEOs), but why not catch up on everything your bosses are soaking up? These 10 books will give you all the fuel you need to stop speaking—and thinking—like IT is a series of bits and bytes that magically bring value to the business. Read them now, or suffer the fate of so many other technology-focused leaders that the business left behind.
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