Baseline Issue March/April 2010

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NYC’s IT Road Map: Tech in the City
Carole Post, the CIO of New York City, has one of the most demanding IT jobs in the world. When she began this position in January, Post was given the monumental task of developing a 30-day report that would be the foundation of an IT road map during Mayor Bloomberg’s third term. The report is done, and now the really hard part starts: implementing it.


Cloudy Skies: Public Versus Private Option Still Up in the Air
Business and technology managers may be uncertain about the differences between public and private clouds, but they need to get up to speed very quickly because the demand for cloud computing is increasing at a fast clip. Worldwide cloud services revenue is expected to reach $44.2 billion in 2013, up from $17.4 billion last year, according to IDC.

Reconciling IT Spend with C-suite Expectations
Almost every enterprise is looking for ways to optimize the value delivered by its IT spend. The key is to reconcile IT investments with the business value they help generate.

Disaster-Proofing IT After Katrina
After Hurricane Katrina destroyed numerous court documents, Gulfport Municipal Court streamlined its infrastructure, invested in digital imaging and integrated three databases.


A Healthy Tech Future
Health care providers are turning to a variety of technologies and processes to improve medical care and trim costs. The initiatives include electronic medical records, virtualization, mobility, analytics and telemedicine. And there’s a continuing emphasis on managing compliance and privacy issues.


Meeting Security & Compliance Challenges
Government agency develops security and compliance dashboard.

Collaboration Spurs Performance
Research study highlights the benefits of collaboration tools.

Where's the Money?
You should know how your company makes and spends money.

Improving Morale on a Budget
Consider some simple niceties that bring fun into the workplace.

Work-Life Lessons from Peter Drucker
Peter Drucker believed in living a “total life” with diverse interests.

Leadership Practices that Drive Results
Today’s executives need to be creative problem-solvers.


Safeguarding the Customer Experience
Sallie Mae improves service for its 10 million customers—while simultaneously lowering costs—with IT service management.

Treating Password and Regulatory Pains
A Maine hospital merged its data into one health care information system and deployed single sign-on and biometrics.


Getting Started with BPI
Business process improvement can help improve productivity, reduce project lead times and decrease supply-chain costs.


Capturing Value from BPI
BPI is driven by the business model and drives the IT model.


Searching the Skies, Learning a New Language, Personalizing Websites


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
It’s a Tough Job, But ...
IT executives in every industry face daunting challenges.

Perspectives by Tom Silver
Rotate Your Way to Higher Value
It’s time to push your company to embrace job rotation

This article was originally published on 2010-04-08
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