10 Books for Dealing With Annoying Colleagues

10 Books for Dealing With Annoying Colleagues

10 Books for Dealing With Annoying Colleagues

By Mitchell Kusy and Elizabeth Holloway Jossey-Bass April 2009 How to ID and beat back problematic people in your company.
See also Your Coworkers Hate You, An Office Menagerie. Working in an office can be annoying enough, what with the biting politics and incessant deadlines. And anyone who's seen Office Space has cringed at the mention of standardized memos (TPS reports!) or fax-paper jams (PC load letter? What the &*$#?). But perhaps nothing can spoil the workplace like an annoying co-worker. These come in many flavors, but whether it's a bully, a time-waster, a constant talker, or a rude boss, it can be hard to escape their clutches. And the fallout of these relationships can be disastrous. These toxic characters can stop your career advancement dead in its tracks.or just kill your motivation or work ethic by simply being themselves. Luckily, plenty of expert academics, consultants and business leaders have documented these annoying colleagues-and what to do about them. This reading list includes books that can help you combat all the aforementioned detractors and stay focused on getting ahead. Note: Some books may only be available in Kindle or other digital editions.
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