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Investing in AI to Enhance Remote Work

AI and remote work are both growing dramatically, and they could come together as AI promises to improve remote work capabilities. Read More >


Analytics Expedite Mortgage Reports

Having data on hand is helpful, but not always useful if someone needs to go through it manually to find what is needed, particularly in critical situations. That is where business intelligence comes in, giving access not just to data but to the data required for the particular situation. Read More >


UCSF Turns to AI for Answers

Scientists at UC San Francisco are tapping the power of AI to take brain and spinal cord research to a deeper level. Read More >


How Business Apps Drive the Digital Workplace

Business apps have emerged as essential in the digital workplace, according to a recent survey from VMware. The resulting report, "The Impact of the Digital Workforce: The New Equilibrium of the Digitally Transformed Enterprise," indicates that these apps are significantly increasing productivity and efficiency among employees. They also serve as a great recruitment tool, as they foster an... Read More >


Big Data = Big Challenges

Big data has emerged at the center of the digital enterprise. In fact, almost every initiative connects and intersects with data and analytics in some way. Yet, the playing field across the corporate environment isn't equal. While some organizations have tapped big data to improve performance and even transform the business, others have struggled to put it to work in fruitful ways. A new report... Read More >


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