Startup Finds New Ways to Free Up Application Bottlenecks

To date application accelerators have addressed performance bottlenecks in front of the Web server. Startup Crescendo Networks on May 1 at Interop in Las Vegas introduced new technology that deals with the bottlenecks behind the Web server.

The company believes it is taking application accelerators, or Application Front Ends, to the next level by making it possible to speed the processing side of the equation.

Crescendo’s new ALP (application-layer processing) software “allows us to look into the application flow—the HTTP or request flow—and optimize and accelerate throughout all the tiers of the application,” said Mike Long, vice president of marketing, at the company’s U.S. headquarters in Tenafly, N.J.

ALP addresses the Web, application and database tiers of multitiered Web applications, optimizing the request flow from users all the way into the back end.

For one existing Crescendo user, the new focus on the performance bottlenecks in the application infrastructure comes at the right time, according to Ian Rae, founder and CEO of Syn10ic, an e-commerce performance consultant and managed services provider. “This is the next area that needs to be addressed. Until Crescendo told me they were working on this, I was trying to figure out how to solve these problems,” said Rae, in Montreal. “I knew it was exactly what we needed to provide very big improvements for some of our customers’ application performance problems,” he added.

ALP is implemented as a software module for Crescendo Networks’ Maestro application acceleration appliances. It is based on patent-pending application-layer processing algorithms that use Crescendo’s rules engine to classify any request that comes through.

It includes an admission control capability that can learn the load generated by each request on a per-tier basis and can queue requests once the application has reached its capacity.

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