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How Network Outages Bring Down Business

Organizations are routinely experiencing unplanned network outages that impact their access to business-critical applications, according to a recent survey from Talari Networks. Most IT professionals reported that they can only afford to lose access to these apps for a couple of minutes at a time, if at all. However, most outages last at least an hour. Leading causes include problems related to... Read More >


How IT and the C-Suite Clash on Disaster Recovery

While the vast majority of organizations have a disaster recovery plan, top business executives and IT and disaster recovery managers differ greatly about the prioritization of these plans, according to a recent survey from Bluelock. The accompanying report, "Perspectives on IT Disaster Recovery," reveals that a great many companies have had a tech-related disruption over the last two years, and... Read More >


How IT Organizations Deal With System Outages

With the vast majority of IT professionals indicating that service availability is very critical, organizations are making "slow but steady" progress in eliminating unplanned downtime incidents, according to a recent survey from Continuity Software. The accompanying "2016 Infrastructure Resiliency Survey" reveals that companies consider service availability a high priority, with most of them... Read More >


Disaster Recovery Is Critical at Blood Centers

LifeShare Blood Centers turned to a cloud-based disaster recovery and data availability framework to improve availability and ensure business continuity. Read More >


What Companies Must Do to 'Keep the Lights On'

A comprehensive business continuity plan involves technology, processes and people, and it's essential to keep customer trust and avoid financial losses. Read More >


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