CET Certification – Is It Worth Your Time?

CET Certification - Is It Worth Your Time?

Do you want to know whether certifications and credentials matter? What certifications have any value? Are industry credentials worth pursuing? Many professionals are confused. After spending so much time and putting in loads of effort, they are unsure whether these certifications will help them accelerate their progress toward their career goals. Certified in Emerging Technology (CET) is one such certification in demand in the technology industry. CET Certification claims to elevate your IT knowledge and boost your career prospects to the next level. The course is recommended for students and fresh graduates, individuals and teams looking to upskill, and new entrants to the IT industry.

CET offers a detailed analysis of the Cloud, Blockchain, IoT, and AI fundamentals. There are four certificates issued in the course. They provide a great way of proving your IT potential and gaining knowledge of all technology trends.

Why Go For CET?

A professional certification adds value to your CV. It proves you have developed the knowledge and skills to excel at a given task, job, or project. Any certification you want, including CET, will require you to take specific courses and attain a particular score in the evaluation program. As an authority issues these certifications on the subject, they have value and weight attached to them. Some may insist that you add these to your resume to make it more relevant to the job opening.

Why Get Certified?

Certifications relevant to your role and industry can be of value to your career path. They make your resume look impressive but also help you stand apart. It shows your recruiters or employers that you have strived hard to become more skilled and proficient in your area of expertise and want to prove your abilities. Hiring managers will be able to make choices more quickly when they come across candidates who have gained certifications.

Of course, you need not chase every certification available for your domain. Pursue only those directly related to the field you want to progress in. Before you decide, research CET and learn how it can make your resume look more powerful and attractive to recruiters.

If your area of specialization is Information Technology, CET will help you add the in-demand emerging technology expertise to your list of skills.

What You Will Learn With CET

CET affirms that you are skilled in the latest technologies and in-demand emerging tech expertise. It can catapult your application over hundreds of others while applying for a competitive opening in a reputed firm. CET helps develop and reinforce vital skills needed to leverage emerging technology. It is also a secure way of fast-tracking your IT career.

A typical CET in IT offers the following.

Cloud Fundamentals

IT professionals must remain updated with the developments in cloud technology. It has emerged as a crucial element in connecting businesses remotely to critical data and services. Here, you will gain information about crucial business areas, such as assessing risks, ensuring security, and optimizing potential in the cloud.

IoT Fundamentals

The demand for IoT is growing incessantly because of the rapid adaptation of wireless networks. With more businesses embracing IoT, the demand for professionals specializing in this field is soaring. In CET, you will learn in detail about governance, control settings, and security threats accompanying this evolving technology.

Blockchain Fundamentals

There is a huge surge in demand for IT professionals specializing in blockchain. CET will introduce you to Blockchain Fundamentals. You will get an insight into the essentials of what is undoubtedly the most significant technological innovation to happen in the internet space.

AI Fundamentals

AI helps build machines and systems that take the load off humans in carrying out repetitive tasks. This technology has progressed to performing more complex jobs in various industries and is hence a technology in demand across the business world. CET introduces you to AI Fundamentals. It provides a deeper understanding of AI’s potential, use cases, and risks. It can help build your AI skills and fast-track your career.

CET Helps Bring Value to the Organization

Employees with certifications such as CET can bring immense value to their role and the organization. It shows their intent to excel and their persistence to succeed and can demonstrate valid qualifications. However, it is also important to note that they are not superior to others just because they hold a certification. At the same time, candidates or employees with certifications are better invested in themselves and hence in their responsibilities.

Not everyone likes to study and take tests. Those who do are people with a commitment to excellence and their jobs. In addition, their steadfast focus on doing better makes them put in the time, effort, and cost of obtaining CET and remaining one-up on others.


To conclude, CET certification is not just another credential. It is a document with immense value, mainly used during hiring. CET improves the overall evaluation value of a potential employee. CET must be used wisely and leveraged as a vital tool in the hiring process. Candidates can enjoy multiple benefits and resources that are a part of the credential they have earned with their hard work and determination.