Top Companies in Data Mining and Data Analytics

data mining analytics companies

Data mining is the process of applying machine learning techniques to analyze large datasets and discover relationships and patterns in information. This process is necessary for organizations to identify and categorize valuable information, both structured and unstructured, it receives from multiple resources. So data mining companies are highly important to everyday life.

Data is at the core of all the critical decisions an organization makes in today’s business environment. It is an integral part of analytics and helps businesses make the most of their analytics program. So, companies must use the appropriate data mining tools to quickly extract insights from their data and the analytic expertise to find solutions to complex problems.

Here is a well-researched list of the top mining and data analytics companies worldwide.

Oracle Data Mining (ODM)

Oracle Data Mining’s powerful data mining algorithms allow data analysts to decode insights and make predictions. It also helps predict customer behavior and identify new opportunities for sales and profits.

ODM is a constituent of the Oracle Advanced Analytics Database Option. It is the first choice of many leading companies to maximize the benefits of data mining.

ODM has a presence in industries like education, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, banking, life sciences, automotive, manufacturing, and chemical, among others.


DOMO is а just what a data-driven business needs. It offers a simple way of extracting actionable insights from all types of data regardless of its source. DOMO doesn’t need any special training or skills to use. Even those who are not tech-savvy can handle this system effortlessly, as no coding is involved.

DOMO also allows social collaboration capabilities in real time. It is the ideal business management suite, designed to pull data from anywhere, and it can integrate into any system.

DOMO has a presence in industries such as credit card, eCommerce, education, financial services, technology, healthcare, hospitality, media, manufacturing, transportation, retail, and many others.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos is preferred by business users who want to create compelling reports, dashboards, and visualizations. The company offers self-service analytics solutions with formidable data analytics and reporting capabilities. Also, users can take advantage of interactive dashboards, scalability, scheduling, and sharing.

The company offers a wide range of analysis tools for performing trend analysis, advanced analysis, and analytical reporting.

IBM Cognos is in retail, travel, finance, transportation, communications, and other industries.

KNIME Analytics Platform

This software platform is best-suited for open data analysis. It helps unravel the hidden data potential. Companies can use the platform to predict new opportunities and identify risks. Also, KNIME combines the power of ML and data mining and comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop style graphical interface. Moreover, data scientists from over 60 countries form the KNIME community.

KNIME offers over a thousand additional extensions, algorithms, ready-to-use examples, and collaborations. Likewise, it has thousands of dedicated subscribers across the world.

KNIME is active in social media and customer intelligence, credit card business, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, healthcare, and others.

Dundas BI

Dundas is a data mining software solution that lets users control their data to achieve actionable insights faster. The system allows visual exploration and transformation of data reflected in clean dashboards, analytics, and reports.

A key USP of Dundas is the perfect dashboard that offers multiple layout choices for data-driven decisions. Another key feature is the customizable visualization with interactive charts, maps, gauges, scorecards, and more.

Dundas BI is active in medical science, healthcare, finance, education, construction, electricity, manufacturing, high-tech, insurance, oil and gas, manufacturing, non-profit, retail, logistics, and others.

Orange Data Mining

Orange ranks high among the most popular data mining companies. The services create simple data analysis and smart data visualization. It also offers open-source machine learning and data visualization solutions for all levels of data analysis professionals.

The data mining service steals a march over others with its excellent interactive data visualization. It is designed to convey and explore statistical distributions. Another winning feature is visual programming. It comes with collaborative data exploration for fast analysis with clean visualizations.

Likewise, Orange Data Mining has a strong presence in social sciences, healthcare, finance, sciences, and business industries.


RapidMiner is an integrated platform that combines machine learning and text-mining algorithms. The system unifies the complete data science life cycle from data prep to the final step of model deployment.

RapidMiner developed as an open-source model. It gained prominence as one of the top-rated data mining and predictive analytics software systems. Some say that more than 30,000 organizations across the globe use this platform to achieve revenue targets and find new opportunities.

RapidMiner is used in nearly all industries but prominently in automotive, consumer goods, energy, banking, healthcare, life science, insurance, telecommunication, manufacturing, retail, and travel.


Data mining companies help businesses collect and analyze data, identify crucial patterns, and check trends in big data volumes. Moreover, by providing the ability and the resources to turn them into actionable insights, they help companies use their data profitably. So, accurate data mining and analytics can help in precise business decision-making and support planning and forecasting.

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