Why Many Big Data Plans Are Stuck in Neutral

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Why Many Big Data Plans Are Stuck in Neutral

    Why Many Big Data Plans Are Stuck in Neutral

    Most executives believe data will play a key role in their company's future, but only a minority of firms hire a chief data officer to manage these initiatives.

While the majority of companies have implemented big data projects, comparatively few are making anything more than a moderate investment in these efforts, according to a recent survey from SAS. Overall, the findings present similarly mixed messages about the topic. On one hand, most top executives believe that data will play a key role in their organization's future. On the other hand, only a minority of companies employ a chief data officer to develop and manage these initiatives. Also, self-service capabilities, which would help staffers at all levels gain immediate access to data, are rare. As a result, some employees wait a month or even longer to obtain requested data. To help their company better leverage data as an asset, IT will need to address integration issues and data complexity, among other challenges. "The good news is that large organizations understand the importance of big data solutions and are taking steps in the right direction," said Matthew Magne, global product marketing manager for data management at SAS. "But while the trend is encouraging, many of these companies still have a long way to go." Nearly 100 business and technology employees who are familiar with their company's big data initiatives took part in the research.

This article was originally published on 2017-01-27
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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