Eight Essential Facts About Big Data

By Dennis McCafferty
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    Big Data Requires a Cultural Change

    Big Data Requires a Cultural Change

    Every employee should be encouraged to collect data at all customer contact points and ask the right questions to get accurate, valuable data.

In 2005, a technology knowledge and education company named O'Reilly Media came up with the term "big data" to describe all the digitized content and information that, at the time, had grown too huge to manage. Since then, organizations have invested heavily in tech tools to better identify, capture and analyze data in order to open up a new world of business-focused insights. Many, however, still struggle to keep up. The new book, Think Bigger: Developing a Successful Big Data Strategy for Your Business (Amacom/Available in April), provides a sweeping perspective of the possibilities. "Everything digital is data," according to author Mark Van Rijmenam. Given that, he writes, it's astonishing how many companies still undervalue data's importance and benefits. Since IT departments have the lead role in helping their organizations take charge of data, he offers them the following eight big data realities to provide direction. Van Rijmenam is founder of Big Data Startups, a big data knowledge platform.

This article was originally published on 2014-03-11
Dennis McCafferty is a freelance writer for Baseline Magazine.
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