Big Data Will Spur Business Opportunities

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big data opportunities

By layering new analytical methods and tools on top of big data solutions, companies can tap into greater productivity and gain more insight into their business.

More pilots for cloud analytics will take flight.
Although the benefits of cloud computing have become increasingly apparent (efficiency, flexibility, improved cash flow), some companies are still hesitant to take their big data analytics to the cloud, citing reasons that involve security, timing or overall access to resources. However, in 2014, we will see more organizations choosing to pursue smaller, piloted big data cloud initiatives. By taking a smaller-scale approach, enterprises can efficiently evaluate their data and more quickly respond to demand for actionable insights, as opposed to going all-in with their cloud initiatives at the start.

If, as many predict, 2014 is truly the year of machine-to-machine data, organizations will have a specific business case for pursuing smaller, more nimble analytics, and cloud computing is the de facto solution for doing so. Today’s cloud landscape consists of secure sources and solutions that can be easily tailored to fit the needs of a project of any size in a fraction of the time and cost associated with a major cloud overhaul.

We can expect adoption and innovation in data analytics to become more advanced and have greater precision in the years to come. Organizations already see the value of managing and leveraging their data, but the true value lies in how it is being managed. The tools, processes and trained personnel needed to successfully extract actionable insights from these data sets—whether structured, unstructured or semi-structured—will become the competitive advantage that matters most to your organization.

Eventually, as with any major technological advance, data analytics will be a commonplace feature of everyday life—occurring at all scales and in multiple capacities. Until then, companies need to focus on what they can do in the short term regarding their data analytics capabilities and put in place the foundations to create long-term success.

Scott Schlesinger is senior vice president and head of North America business information management at Capgemini.

This article was originally published on 2014-02-06
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