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Big Data = Big Challenges

Big data has emerged at the center of the digital enterprise. In fact, almost every initiative connects and intersects with data and analytics in some way. Yet, the playing field across the corporate environment isn't equal. While some organizations have tapped big data to improve performance and even transform the business, others have struggled to put it to work in fruitful ways. A new report... Read More >


Carnegie Mellon University Launches AI Research Group

You hear about these innovations in the news all the time: self-driving cars, smartphone assistants and computer image recognition. These capabilities that were merely imagined a few years ago are now a reality, thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence. As the field's applications are exploding, it has earned a place for research in its own right. Read More >


AMC Networks Scores Big With Advanced Analytics

The cable television company deployed a next-generation analytics and AI platform to transform data into business insights and reduce the demand on IT resources. Read More >


Strata Data Conference: Going Beyond Data

The diversity of technologies covered at the Strata Data Conference resulted in lively conversations—both in the sessions and on the show floor. Read More >


Integrating Data to Support a Sustainable Future

The Rainforest Alliance deployed software that enabled it to advance data movement throughout its various applications, supply chain systems and data warehouse. Read More >


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