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Business Sees Benefits of Unified Communications

Organizations are eager to increase their use of unified communications tools, even though most corporate executives confess that they're unclear about what "unified communications" actually means. While this may sound paradoxical, it represents one of the interesting findings in a recent survey from Evolve IP, which gives this definition of UC: "The concept of consolidating phone, email, fax,... Read More >


Unified Communications: An Enterprise Cornerstone

Unified communications is extending and amplifying the power of messaging, collaboration, social media and mobility across a swath of industries and situations. Read More >


Video Conferencing Etiquette Needs a Makeover

A growing number of employees are turning to video conferencing as a way to eliminate expensive travel while still getting business done. A new survey from Radvision provides additional insights as to how the video conference has emerged as a favored communications tool. Putting a face on what would otherwise be a voice-only phone call certainly helps personalize a business encounter, according... Read More >


Why Onshoring Your Call Center Make Sense

U.S.-based call centers are getting smarter about their internal cost structures, blurring the once-obvious financial advantage of offshored customer care centers. Read More >


Bizarre True Stories from the IT Trenches

Tech support teams often handle requests for support that go way beyond configuring printers, troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook or restoring lost documents. According to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology, these requests can be downright bizarre. Tech support professionals truly must have the patience of saints and a charming keyboard-side manner to soothe the savage employees and help... Read More >


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