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Bizarre True Stories from the IT Trenches

Tech support teams often handle requests for support that go way beyond configuring printers, troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook or restoring lost documents. According to a recent survey from Robert Half Technology, these requests can be downright bizarre. Tech support professionals truly must have the patience of saints and a charming keyboard-side manner to soothe the savage employees and help... Read More >


1-800-Flowers Enhances Customer Satisfaction

1-800-Flowers implemented a live chat program to better serve its online customers’ immediate needs. Read More >


Networking Ups Healthcare Efficiency

Upgrading an outdated network and installing a VOIP telephony system helps Samaritan Regional Health System save money and reduce frustration for professionals and patients. Read More >


10 Things You Should Know Before Buying iPhone 4

Take a look at 10 things worth considering before deciding if the iPhone 4 is really the right purchase. Read More >


Mobility: According to Plan

IT managers need to be aware of numerous roadblocks in executing their mobility strategy. Read More >


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