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How to Manage Today's Complex Data Environment

As data volumes swell, the need for robust storage solutions continues to grow. However, devising a strategy for dealing with today's complex data environment is a daunting challenge for companies of all sizes. In many cases, organizations wind up with a mélange of vendor solutions. They often don't know where all their data is located—or how to access it quickly and effectively. In... Read More >


Oakland's New Storage System Handles Huge Volumes

The California city implements a robust storage solution to store and manage growing volumes of data, including video from more than 700 police body cameras. Read More >


Marketing Agency Picks Distributed Storage System

Hogarth, a London-based ad agency, has turned to a dispersed storage network system to meet its increasing archival needs for media-rich files, including video. Read More >


How IT Can Manage Data Archiving Cost-Effectively

Organizations are saving literally millions in risk mitigation and reduced operational and capital costs through effective use of their data archiving systems, according to a recent survey from Iron Mountain. However, the accompanying report, "Mining for Insight: Rediscovering the Data Archive," states that companies could save even more by improving these systems. For example, relatively few... Read More >


Software-Defined Technology Improves Performance

Organizations are looking to enhance their efficiency and flexibility with software-defined systems, which affect the way IT delivers services to the business. Read More >


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