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How to Put Storage Automation to Work

In today's data-centric world, storage automation is a critical tool for organizations. However, provisioning and deploying automation tools and technologies is an increasingly challenging task. It typically involves launching and configuring Web servers, deploying clouds, stopping and restarting services, creating new accounts, and handling RAID grouping and drive sparing requirements. A recent... Read More >


Here's One Technology That Can't Be Contained

One of the latest technology trends sweeping through the IT world is the use of application containers. This extension of virtualization essentially enables IT departments to run a lot more apps on servers and to make them much more flexible and portable. But like any technology innovation, containers bring their share of challenges. A recent survey from application performance monitoring company... Read More >


Gilt Shops for an Agile Storage Infrastructure

Online shopping site Gilt turns to storage-as-a-service to support agility, and to deliver high availability and high performance—all in a cost-efficient way. Read More >


Mercy Takes a Healthy Approach to Technology

The health care system is moving to virtualized electronic health record systems and building out an IT infrastructure that provides availability and resiliency. Read More >


Company Lays Down the Law on Business Continuity

Rubin Lublin, a real estate law firm, turned to disaster recovery in the cloud to transform the way it protects its data and ensures business continuity. Read More >


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