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Why You Should Consider Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is always on since there’s no delay waiting for a robot or disks to spin back up. And data is automatically encrypted, replicated and protected. Read More >


Firms Need Expert Strategies for Backing Up Data

With much of the East Coast battered by a series of epic storms this past winter, it's likely many IT executives have had business continuity and disaster preparedness on their minds. That's a good decision, as it's likely that their data backup efforts need a boost. Recent survey findings from cloud storage provider TwinStrata indicate that companies are plagued by backup issues— even when... Read More >


Utah Ski Resort Races Toward Next-Gen IT

Park City Mountain Resort adopted advanced technology solutions to improve efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction, cut costs and drive business results. Read More >


Ensuring Successful Data Backup and Recovery

Denso implemented a system that would ensure data integrity, guarantee that all backed-up data could be restored and provide a disaster recovery plan. Read More >


Cutting-Edge Storage Is a Goal for San Jose Sharks

The hockey team adopted a solid-state storage solution to better manage its complex storage issues in an agile fashion. Flash storage has met its demands. Read More >


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