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Police Department Shoots Down Ransomware

The Barnstable Police Department deploys a more advanced storage solution in order to better protect data from cyber-criminals and ransomware. Read More >


Engineering a Cloud-Based Storage Framework

Moffatt & Nichol, a global civil engineering firm, adopted a hybrid cloud storage system to make information easily accessible by workers in disparate offices. Read More >


Backup System Gives Hospital Reliable 24/7 Access

A major health care center adopts a backup and replication system that's built for a virtual infrastructure to enhance its disaster recovery system. Read More >


The Challenge of Effectively Managing Legacy Tapes

A significant segment of global IT administrators said their organization pays tens of thousands of dollars a year to keep and maintain legacy data tapes, according to a recent survey from Kroll Ontrack. Many companies store hundreds of these tapes, and some of them are decades old. What's more, IT admins often need at least three backup solutions, and many use different versions of each solution... Read More >


What's Holding Up the Adoption of Containers?

In an era of growing IT complexity, the concept of software containers seems like a no-brainer: Partition your applications into virtual containers that tap the same operating system, and you gain agility, efficiency and additional security, while lowering costs and boosting performance. But container technology still needs to overcome some significant hurdles before adoption really takes off.... Read More >


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