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Backup & Restore System Enhances Email Management

Millar, a medical device manufacturer, turns to a cloud-based system to manage email more effectively and to improve backups, restores and disaster recovery. Read More >


Storage Platform Plays a Winning Game at Callaway

The golf equipment manufacturing firm upgraded its storage platform to enhance its ERP system and support supply chain processes and reporting requirements. Read More >


How a Retailer Tames a Jungle Full of Data

Jungle Jim's International Market, a food market based on a jungle theme, has to deal with a different kind of jungle—one of structured and unstructured data. Read More >


How to Put Storage Automation to Work

In today's data-centric world, storage automation is a critical tool for organizations. However, provisioning and deploying automation tools and technologies is an increasingly challenging task. It typically involves launching and configuring Web servers, deploying clouds, stopping and restarting services, creating new accounts, and handling RAID grouping and drive sparing requirements. A recent... Read More >


Here's One Technology That Can't Be Contained

One of the latest technology trends sweeping through the IT world is the use of application containers. This extension of virtualization essentially enables IT departments to run a lot more apps on servers and to make them much more flexible and portable. But like any technology innovation, containers bring their share of challenges. A recent survey from application performance monitoring company... Read More >


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