Storage Archives


University Boosts Network and Storage Performance

Struggling with aging IT systems, the University of California, Irvine, optimized its virtual IT infrastructure by implementing VM-aware storage devices.   Read More >


Storage Environment Stars at Special Effects Firm

Weta Digital embraces a storage strategy that helps create Hollywood blockbusters, while increasing its total storage capacity by a factor of about five times. Read More >


Backup & Restore System Enhances Email Management

Millar, a medical device manufacturer, turns to a cloud-based system to manage email more effectively and to improve backups, restores and disaster recovery. Read More >


Storage Platform Plays a Winning Game at Callaway

The golf equipment manufacturing firm upgraded its storage platform to enhance its ERP system and support supply chain processes and reporting requirements. Read More >


How a Retailer Tames a Jungle Full of Data

Jungle Jim's International Market, a food market based on a jungle theme, has to deal with a different kind of jungle—one of structured and unstructured data. Read More >


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